Anglesey League 2019/20: Every result from the suspended season (with scorers)

PICTURE by Edryd Jones shows Ian Pleming of Mountain Rangers (stripes) take on Cemaes Bay’s Dafydd jones, in a games which ended in a 2-2 draw.

THIS SEASON (typically of all the seasons!) I have been keeping a proper record of all the Anglesey League matches (along with some other leagues) and the goalscorers from each game too.

Here’s how the by now curtailed Anglesey League season for 2019/20 unfolded. It’s a shame it had to end the way it did!

Final table (turn sideways if you’re on mobile device) is as follows (PPG = Points Per Game).

1 Cemaes Bay161321981979412.56
2 Mountain Rang.151221781662382.53
3 Hotspur Res.171232612635392.29
4 Llanfairpwll *1592440319261.73
5 CPD Y Fali *14806413011211.5
6 Arriva Bangor *1453645405151.07
7 Bodorgan164483943-4161
8 Pentraeth Res.1531112746-19100.66
9 Holyhead Town1511132187-6540.26
10 Llandegfan16111415106-9140.25
11 Cefni **177193557-2240.23

* is -3 points for non-fulfilment of fixture.
** is -18 points for playing ineligible players.


August 9

Cemaes Bay 4 (S. Whittaker x2, A. Williams x2)
Valley 3 (C. Boylan x3)

August 10

Arriva Bangor 8 (S. Hughes x3, A. Clarke x2, D. Williams x2, D. Camilleri)
Llandegfan 0

Holyhead Town Res 0
Mountain Rangers 8 (S. Williams x4, I. Pleming x3, R. Jones)

Llanfairpwll 1 (J. Davies)
Hotspur Reserves 1 (C. Corrie)

Pentraeth Res 3 (K. Williams, D. Alston, D. Jones)
Bodorgan 3 (Aaron Jones x2, L. Allaway)

August 13

Cefni 1 (L. Lewis)
Cemaes Bay 3 (S. Whittaker x2, M. O’Hara)

Holyhead Town Res 1 (L. Owens)
Hotspur Res 3 (C. Doutch x2, C. Gregg)

August 14

Llandegfan 1 (D. Parry)
Pentraeth Res 7 (L. Owen x3, M. Wlliams, B. Pickavance, A. Jones, S. Henessey)

Llanfairpwll 1 (C. Evans)
Mountain Rangers 3 (S. Williams x2, S. Kay)

Y Fali 3 (C. Boylan, R. Heywood, A. Bailey)
Bodorgan 1 (K. Munson)

August 16

Arriva Bangor P
Mountain Rangers P

Cemaes Bay 2 (C. Byast x2)
Holyhead Hotspur Reserves 4 (D. Parry x2, C. Moore x2)

Holyhead Town Res 0
Pentraeth Res 2 (T. Jones, K. Williams)

August 17

Bodorgan 2 (L. Allaway x2)
Llanfairpwll 2 (E. Jones, S. Jones)

Cefni P
Valley P

August 20

Hotspur Res 1 (P. Jones)
Bodorgan 5 (A. Jones x2, Luke Winter x2, C. Rees)

Mountain Rangers 3 (Declyn Williams x2, S. Kay)
Cefni 3 (M. Thomas x2, M. Lewis)

August 21

Valley 11 (C. Boylan x4, J. Sillence x3, T. Williams x2, A. Bailey, P. Williams)
Llandegfan 3 (P. Jones x2, K. Fritter)

Llanfairpwll 3 (E. Jones, T. Zalot x2)
Arriva Bangor (S. Hughes)

Pentraeth Res 2 (Own Goal, D. Alston)
Cemaes Bay 6 (S. Whittaker x2, K. Downey x2, G. Nelson, H. Torr)

August 23

Arriva Bangor 3 (M. Jones, R. Thompson, Dion Williams)
Bodorgan 3 (A. Jones x2, M. Lawson)

Cemaes Bay 20 (T. Cusick x5, A. Williams x5, D. Jones x3, K. Downey x3, R. Folksman x2, C. Hughes, L. Connor)
Holyhead Town Res 0

Llandegfan 1 (J. Royds)
Cefni 4 (G. Williams, H. Allan, M. Thomas x2)

August 24

Valley 5 (C. Boylan, J. Sillence, T. Williams, C. Wood, D. Evans)
Llanfairpwll 0

Mountain Rangers 4 (T. Watkinson x2, S. Kay x2)
Hotspur Res 2 (K. Dunne, J. Parker)

August 28

Arriva Bangor 0
Mountain Rangers 2 (S. Williams x2)

August 31

Holyhead Town Res 3 (L. Owens x2, L. Miles)
Llanfairpwll 4 (G. Roberts, G. Williams, T. Zalot x2)

Pentraeth Res 1 (T. Jones)
Valley 2 (O. Roberts, T. Williams)



September 6

Hotspur Reserves 8 (C. Williams x3, C. Eaton x2, P. Jones, C. Gregg and C. Moore)
Llandegfan 1 (P. Jones)

September 7

Llanfairpwll 0
Cemaes Bay 3 (A. Williams x3)

Mountain Rangers 3 (S. Williams, D. Williams, I. Pleming)
Bodorgan 1 (L. Winter)

Pentraeth Reserves 4 (K. Williams x2, T. Farrar, D. Alston)
Cefni 1 (A. Cleator)

Valley 3 (P. Williams, R. Heywood, J. Sillence)
Arriva Bangor 2 (S. Hughes, R. Thompson)

September 13

Arriva Bangor 8 (S. Hughes x5, R. Thompson, D. Edmonds, D. Williams)
Cefni 3 (A. Davies x2, D. Jones)

Cemaes Bay 2 (S. Whittaker, K. Downey)
Mountain Rangers 2 (T. Watkinson, S. Williams)

September 14

Bodorgan 2 (S. Hallas, L. Allaway)
Hotspur Reserves 3 (C. Eaton x2, C. Gregg)

Holyhead Town Reserves 4 (L. Miles, J. Owen, R. Hughes, Own Goal)
Llandegfan 4 (R. Boyes x2, P. Jones, K. Fritter)

Valley 6 (P. Williams x2, C. Boylan x2, T. Williams, J. Sillence)
Pentraeth Reserves 1 (S. Hennessey)

September 21

Cefni 3 (A. Davies, L. Lewis, M. Lewis)
Llanfairpwll 5 (E. Jones x2, T. Zalot, C. Jones, C. Evans)

Mountain Rangers 11 (S. Williams x4, S. Kay x2, A. Wynne x2, D.C. Jones, D.A. Jones, I. Pleming)
Holyhead Town Reserves 0

September 28

Valley 1 (J. Sillence)
Hotspur Reserves 6 (C. Williams x2, C. Moore x2, C. Gregg, M. Edwards)

Llandegfan 0
Llanfairpwll 7 (T. Zalot x3, E. Jones, K. Williams, G. Williams, C. Evans)

Pentraeth Reserves 2 (L. Owen x2)
Arriva Bangor 7 (S. Hughes x5, J. Owen, S. Williams)

TOP OF THE LEAGUE: Mountain Rangers


October 5

Mountain Rangers 9 (S. Williams x3, R. Wynne x2, C. Davies-Hughes x2, T. Wax, S. Kay)
Llandegfan 1 (R. Boyes)

October 11

Cemaes Bay 6 (S. Whittaker x2, Dylan Jones x2, T. Morton, J. Griffiths)
Pentraeth Reserves 0

October 18

Arriva Bangor 1 (A. Issa)
Cemaes Bay 8 (S. Whittaker x4, S. Carter, Dafydd Jones, K. Downey, Daniel Jones)

October 19

Bodorgan 6 (I. Thomas x2, L. Winter, L. Allaway, C. Rees)
Holyhead Town Reserves 7 (Asa Thomas x2, L. Miles x2, S. Owen x2, R. Thomas)

Cefni 1 (B. Wright)
Hotspur Reserves 2 (C. Williams x2)

October 25

Cemaes Bay 8 (S. Whittaker x3, Daniel Jones x2, Dafydd Jones, Luke McKittrick, Sol Williams)
Llanfairpwll 1 (Kieran Owen)

October 26

Bodorgan 6 (I. Thomas x3, L. Allaway x2, A. Jones)
Llandegfan 0



November 2

Cefni 2 (B. Wright, Grahame Jones)
Pentraeth Reserves 0

November 8

Cemaes Bay 9 (S. Whittaker x2, K. Downey x2, T. Cusick, T. Morton, Dafydd Jones, N. Owen, L. McKittrick)
Llandegfan 2 (D. Parry, N. Harris)

November 9

Cefni 1 (M. Lewis)
Valley 0

Llanfairpwll 2 (E. Jones, A. Thomas)
Bodorgan 0

November 15

Cemaes Bay 7 (S. Whittaker x3, T. Morton, R. Folksman, K. Downey, Dylan Jones)
Cefni 0

November 16

Bodorgan 1 (A. Jones)
Valley 2 (M. Williams, A. Bailey)

Llanfairpwll 9 (C. Jones x4, A. Thomas x2, K. Williams, A. J. Hughes)
Holyhead Town Reserves 0

November 23

Arriva Bangor 4 (S. Hughes, J. Hughes, K. Davies, M. Williams)
Holyhead Town Reserves 1 (R. Hughes)

Llandegfan 0
Hotspur Reserves 9 (C. Moore x3, C. Gregg x2, P. Jones x2, C. Corrie, S. Rowlands)

Llanfairpwll 2 (A. Thomas, O. Davies)
Valley 1 (M. Williams)

Mountain Rangers 3 (D. Williams x2, S. Kay)
Pentraeth Reserves 2 (P. Crowe, J. Halton)

November 30

Bodorgan 1 (R. Williams)
Cemaes Bay 6 (Dylan Jones x2, K. Downey x2, S. Whittaker, T. Morton)

Cefni 2 (B. Wright, G. Williams)
Holyhead Town Reserves 0



December 7

Bodorgan 4 (C. Rees x3, L. Allaway)
Cefni 2 (C. Thomas, G. Winnard)

Hotspur Reserves 1 (C. Williams)
Cemaes Bay 1 (Dylan Jones)

December 11

Hotspur Reserves 3 (A. Thomas x3)
Pentraeth Reserves 0

December 14

Cefni 4 (B. Wright x2, G. Williams, K. Williams)
Llandegfan 0

December 18

Hotspur Reserves 6 (A. Thomas x2, J. Donovan, C. Williams, P. Jones, C. Gregg)
Holyhead Town Reserves 0



January 4 2020

Arriva Bangor 3 (S. Hughes, W. Janes, D. Williams)
Pentraeth Reserves 2 (L. Winter, Own Goal)

Holyhead Town 1 (J. Rowlands)
Cefni 3 (B. Wright x2, H. Caldecott)

Llanfairpwll 1 (O. Davies)
Llandegfan 0

Valley 0
Mountain Rangers 2 (S. Kay, A. Steele)

January 10

Hotspur Reserves 2 (C. Eaton, S. Rowlands)
Arriva Bangor 2 (S. Hughes x2)

January 11

Cefni 0
Mountain Rangers 16 (S. Williams x12, O. Hughes, S. Lloyd, T. Watkinson, S. Kay)

January 18

Pentraeth Reserves 1 (L. Owen)
Llandegfan 2 (D. Parry x2)

January 24

Arriva Bangor 2 (D. Camilleri, Dion Williams)
Hotspur Reserves 3 (C. Corrie, M. Jones, T. Scott)

January 25

Holyhead Town 2 (T. Hadley, Own Goal)
Valley 3 (L. Miles, M. Williams, B. Roberts)

Llandegfan 0
Cemaes Bay 11 (S. Whittaker x5, D. Howes x2, R. Lloyd, A. Williams, S. Williams, D. Jones)

Mountain Rangers 1 (I.Pleming)
Llanfairpwll 2 (K. Williams, C. Jones)

January 31

Hotspur Reserves



February 1

Llandegfan 1 (L. Owens)
Mountain Rangers 7 (A. Hughes x3, D. Williams x2, I. Hughes, O. Hughes-Jones)

February 22

Bodorgan 1 (C. Rees)
Pentraeth Reserves 0

Holyhead Town 1 (R. Thomas)
Cemaes Bay 2 (R. Folksman, A. Williams)

February 26

Hotspur Reserves 3 (M. Edwards x2, A. Thomas)
Cefni 2 (B. Wright, N. Sinnott)

February 29

Bodorgan 3 (C. Rees x3)
Arriva Bangor 3 (S. Hughes x2, D. Jones)


March 7

Cefni 3 (B. Wright x2, N. Lewis)
Bodorgan 0

Mountain Rangers 5 (K. Lloyd x3, A. Hughes, D. Williams)
Arriva Bangor 1 (Dylan Williams)



First Round

Arriva Bangor 4 (S. Hughes x3, L. Hall)
Llandegfan 1 (S. Oki)

Hotspur Res 3 (C. Gregg, A. Jones, L. Owen)
Cemaes Bay 4 (S. Whittaker x4)

Cefni 1 (L. Lewis)
Mountain Rangers 0
** Rangers through after Cefni played ineligible player

Round Two

Cemaes Bay 5 (L. Connor x2, S. Whittaker, Daniel Jones, Dafydd Jones)
Llanfairpwll 1 (Owain Davies)

Valley 2 (D. Manning, L. Miles)
Pentraeth Reserves 2 (K. Williams, Luke Winter)
Pentraeth win on penalties

Holyhead Town Res 1 (R. Thomas)
Mountain Rangers 3 (S. Williams x2, C. Davies-Hughes)

Arriva Bangor 1 (D. Roberts)
Bodorgan 2 (L. Allaway, G. Davies)

Semi finals

Bodorgan v Mountain Rangers

Pentraeth Reserves v Cemaes Bay



First Round

Arriva Bangor 2 (S. Hughes, Dion Williams)
Bodorgan 1 (L. Allaway)

Llandegfan 1 (N. Harris)
Cemaes Bay 10 (A. Williams x5, D. Jones x2, T. Morton, K. Downey, C. Hughes)

Pentraeth Reserves 2 (L. Owen, T. Jones)
Hotspur Reserves 3 (C. Moore x2, M. Edwards)

Round Two

Valley 0
Cemaes Bay 2 (S. Whittaker, R. Folksman)

Arriva Bangor 3 (D. Camilleri, S.Hughes, D. Williams)
Llanfairpwll 4 (J. Davies, K. Williams, A. Thomas, M. James)

Cefni 2 (B. Wright x2)
Mountain Rangers 1 (S. Williams)

Hotspur Reserves 6 (T. Scott x2, A. Hebenstreit, C. Doutch, C. Gregg, Own Goal)
Holyhead Town Res 0

Semi finals

Cefni 1 (H. Allan)
Cemaes Bay 3 (A. Williams x2, R. Folksman)
(After Extra Time)

Llanfairpwll 1 (J. Davies)
Hotspur Reserves 2 (C. Eaton, M. Edwards)


Cemaes Bay v Hotspur Reserves



First Round

Arriva Bangor 4 (S. Hughes x4)
Bodorgan 1 (C. Rees)

Llanfairpwll 0
Valley 1 (T. Williams)

Mountain Rangers 5 (S. Williams x2, S. Kay x2, Declyn Williams)
Cefni 0

Round Two

Valley 4 (M. Williams x2, D. Evans, J. Peters)
Holyhead Town Reserves 2 (C. Diamond, A. Batsford)

Mountain Rangers 1 (O. Hughes-Jones)
Hotspur Reserves 4 (D. Parry x2, C. Williams, C. Gregg)

Llandegfan 0
Arriva Bangor 2 (D. Camilleri, M. Jones)

Pentraeth Reserves
Cemaes Bay

Semi finals

Pentraeth Res/Cemaes v Arriva Bangor

Hotspur Reserves v Valley



Round One
Bodorgan 3 (L. Allaway, I. Thomas, A. Owen)
Llanfairpwll 4 (C. Evans x2, E. Jones, J. Davies)

Arriva 8 (S. Hughes x4, Dion Williams x3, S. Williams)
Llandegfan 2 (P. Jones, D. Rowlands)

Holyhead Town Reserves 0
Cemaes Bay 9 (L. Connor x4, S. Whittaker, N. Owen, L. McKittrick, R. Folksman, Daniel Jones)

Round Two
Cefni 3 (M. Parry, L. Lewis, K. Williams)
Hotspur Reserves 1 (M. Edwards)

Valley 1 (T. Williams)
Pentraeth Reserves 0

Cemaes 9 (S. Whittaker x4, Dylan Jones, Daniel Jones, L. McKittrick, L. Connor, K. Downey)
Llanfairpwll 1 (C. Thompson)

Arriva Bangor P
Mountain Rangers P
Rangers through after Arriva couldn’t raise a team.

Semi finals

Cemaes Bay v Mountain Rangers

Cefni v Valley



Round One

Pentraeth Reserves 3 (J. Halton, T. Jones, M. Williams)
Mountain Rangers 2 (S. Williams x2)

Arriva 3 (S. Hughes x3)
Hotspur Reserves 4 (M. Jones, M. Kelly. M. Edwards, C. Eaton)

Llandegfan 1 (A. Williams)
Bodorgan 5 (L. Allaway x2, S. Hallas x2, D. Connolly)

Round Two

Valley 2 (L. Brown, T. Williams)
Holyhead Town Res 3 (A. Batsford, R. Thomas, C. Diamond)

Llanfairpwll 1 (K. Williams)
Cefni 3 (H. Jones, B. Wright x2)

Bodorgan 4 (L. Allaway x2, C. Rees, L. Owen)
Pentraeth Reserves 2 (J. Halton, K. Williams)
(After Extra Time)

Hotspur Res 2 (C. Williams x2)
Cemaes 1 (S. Whittaker)

Semi finals

Cefni v Hotspur Reserves

Holyhead Town v Bodorgan

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