Wenger out? The problem lies much deeper than that.

SO HERE we are again, another year, another Wenger in/Wenger out debate amongst the Arsenal fans.

First off, I’m well aware that everyone has the right to express their own opinions and I respect that, but the treatment of Arsene Wenger by my fellow Arsenal fans in recent weeks has been disgusting.

Granted the results have been hard to take, the double 5-1’s to Bayern, the 3-1 loss at Anfield and the most recent embarrassing 3-1 defeat to West Brom. But before blaming Wenger for everything, you have to first off look at the players attitudes during these games.

Image result for alexis sanchez sulking

Having (rather unfortunately) been at the West Brom match myself, I was appalled by the lack of passion in the side put out on the field that day.   Here’s my damning opinion on some of them.

Sanchez – obviously our best player by a country mile, but his attitude stinks. At the moment he seems like a disinterested diva who can’t wait to leave the club. And if that is the case, get rid. I don’t care how big he is, or rather thinks he is, if we can sell Thierry Henry we can definitely sell him.

Hector Bellerin has been unusually poor in recent games, playing too far up the field, more like a winger and that leaves far too much space for the opposition to run into. Jame McClean tore him apart at the Hawtorns on Saturday. Monreal has been doing pretty much the same, but offers no attacking threat whatsoever.

Even Koscielny and Mustafi haven’t been doing their jobs properly at the heart of our back four. At West Brom we conceded two goals from corners and our defenders were static, just standing their watching. It was truly embarrassing to watch.

Craig Dawson heads in the opener
Our defenders look on as Craig Dawson heads in the opener.
I must say that Oxlade-Chamberlain has come to life since being transformed into a central midfielder, but he can’t win games on his own. Ramsey has been awful, Xhaka lacks discipline and Özil has been absent for quite a few games recently without explanation or because of “illness”.

Oh and don’t even get me bloody started on David Ospina after his horrific performance against the Baggies!

Predictably, after the West Brom defeat, my timeline was full of people slating Wenger rather than the players for the loss and the retaliation of some of the fans are truly frightening. Maybe his tactics didn’t pay off, but the players are to blame for a lot of that too. The attitude on display and performances are just simply not good enough at all for a club of our status and reputation and I’m seriously beginning to wonder if our players are playing badly on purpose now in protest against Wenger (like Chelsea’s squad did to Mourinho last season).

The talk of a new two year contract extension is currently doing the rounds on various websites and it’s strongly believed that Wenger will agree to sign a final one year contract, which will anger many fans.

In my opinion, it is probably time for change at our club now and I would personally love to see either Diego Simeone, Massimiliano Allegri or Jorge Sampaoli (left to right below) take over the reigns at the Emirates. They would all bring a similar sort of tactics to what we have already been used to at Arsenal for many a year now, the free flowing tiki-taka style of play, that made us a top club in the first place.

Image result for diego simeone
Simeone – My personal favourite.

Manchester City (with Guardiola), Chelsea (Antonio Conte), Manchester United (Jose Mourinho), Liverpool (Jurgen Klopp), Tottenham (Mauricio Pochettino) and even Everton (Ronald Koeman) have freshened things up over the past three years in terms of management (even though some may not have worked out) so why can’t we do the same? It might be worth a punt.

However, I do also believe that Wenger does not deserve the disrespect that he is currently receiving from some sections of our fans.

This is a man who arguably MADE Arsenal a top four team, made us invincible champions in 03/04, bought us league and cup success and made us regular features in the Champions League. He has been at the club I love since I was barely a year old and bought the likes of Thierry Henry, Freddie Ljungberg, Sol Campbell and Robert Pires along with him. He turned players like Robin Van Persie, Cesc Fabregas, Gael Clichy, Bacary Sagna, Alex Song, Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey and Wojciech Szczesny, amongst several others, from youngsters into well recognised men.

Image result for arsenal invincibles squad
Unforgettable – The invincible squad of 2003/04.

The man deserves complete and utter respect for what he has achieved during his time at Highbury and the Emirates, but I fear that if he does not leave at the end of this season, he is in grave danger of losing the love from ALL the fans. He is already seemingly losing the attention of the players.

ABOVE ALL ELSE for me the real serious problem lies with the pantomime villains who are pulling the strings ever so quietly behind the scenes, Stan Kroenke and Ivan Gazidis.

Image result for kroenke and gazidis
Poisonous – Kroenke and Gazidis

In my eyes, they are two clueless men who will do anything it takes to line their pockets. They don’t care much for success, but rather only the business side of things, they want to turn us into a financially focused football club and it’s totally unacceptable in my opinion. Fans should boycott games if the whole farce continues, starve them of the money that they crave so much, then they may be forced to take drastic action and give up the fight. This is not American football and we are not a franchise.

Uzbeki tycoon, Alisher Usmanov, has been desperate to take full control of our club for almost a decade now and I think that if he managed to someday get the majority stakehold in place of Kroenke, it could be an absolutely fortune changing event in Arsenal’s history. He seems like a man who would not be afraid to break the bank to bring some of the world’s best players to the Emirates and break our currently highly strict wage structure into pieces.

With Manchester United climbing above us and Everton pulling level on points in the table, we are in danger of slipping out of the top four or even five places in the league this season and in my opinion, if no change is made in the next year or two, I can honestly see us becoming a mid-table side, as let’s be honest, what top player would want to join a club that is stuck in a rut and is too stubborn to spend proper money?

I would love nothing more than to say goodbye to Kroenke and Gazidis and never see them again, as we will rue the day that those two forced their way into our club.

It breaks my heart to see what is happening to my club and although a part of me will always love Arsene Wenger, the whole of me will always love Arsenal FC and that is why I am desperate for our fans to unite together and see past this “Wenger in/out” B.S. because the problem lies far deepen within the foundations than that. That is simply being used to mask the real problems within.


One last thing, I’d like to add; aside from disrespecting Wenger, the players don’t seem to give too much of a toss about us fans recently either.

Those fans who travelled all the way to the Allianz in Germany to watch us be humiliated 5-1 by Bayern Munich, were appalled to find that only Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain came over to thank them for showing their support despite the result.

At West Brom, not a SINGLE player came over to the away fans to applaud their support, which I thought was sickening.

Fans pay their hard earned cash to come and see their favourite players perform out on that pitch, so the least these overpaid pre-Madonna’s can do is acknowledge them and appreciate the fact that they’re there week in, week out, no matter what the past results were, to support them.

Rant over.

All pictures in article belong to rightful owners.

One thought on “Wenger out? The problem lies much deeper than that.

  1. Yes i will always blame wenger why because he refused to correct his mistake in times of transfer aside that some arsenal players need to be sold out e. g Ramsey, metersacker, chamberlin, walcot, moreal, ozil, Giroud. They play chidish football and yet wenger take too much nonsense from them. Then as fans they should stop coming to watch any arsenal game stop buying jersey i mean any such arsenal kit.am very sure this will affect the board owner.because all they want is money not trophies and that’s why i will always blame wenger for not doing anything about it as coach you have to be well regarded as winning coach.


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