Giving local football a voice: a new series on AFEFootballNews.

AFEFootballNews’ newest blog feature will involve articles regarding local football (around the Anglesey/North Wales area) and more notably interviews with those who are involved in the game.

Following the success of last week’s in depth discussion with Welsh Prem striker Marc Williams (Llandudno FC), I have decided to now interview more players and possibly coaches around the Anglesey/North Wales area and see what they have to say about their footballing experiences.

We all look up to our favourite Premier League footballers on a weekly basis, but not many of us would stop to think about the local fixtures that are happening around us locally. 

Ever thought about what goes on at Cemaes Bay, Pentraeth or Bro Goronwy? The truth is, we should be supporting our local teams, because those players are the ones who play for the love of the game. This is what the new feature is going to be all about, unearthing true stories.

They may be plumbers, electricians, shop assitants or even bartenders by day and night but come Saturday/Sunday afternoon or an evening in midweek, they are footballers for those 90 minutes. Footballers who give their all to win for their hometown or their adopted clubs and that is what should be truly admired and looks up to. Don’t forget that the likes of Charlie Austin, Jamie Vardy, Jimmy Bullard and Rickie Lambert all had regular day jobs before breaking into football at a later stage in their lives. Their passion for the game overlooked their passion for money.

So to all people involved in local football, keep doing what you’re doing and give your all on the pitch. Just remember that even on the days you lose and your head drops a little, you are part of the most beautiful game in the world and you should be proud to pull on that shirt before each and every game. Keep up the good work! 

If you are a footballer (male or female) or coach around the North Wales or Anglesey area who wouldn’t mind answering some questions for AFEfootnallnews’ blog then please feel free to get in touch with me on the blogs Facebook page.

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