Steven Gerrard’s Top 10 goals for Liverpool.

With the news that Premier League and more specifically Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard is on the verge of retiring from football, AFEFootballNews’ has decided to pay tribute to one of the greatest midfielder’s England has ever seen and produce an article displaying Stevie G’s finest Liverpool goals. Let’s be honest, it’s going to be hard to narrow it down to just 10 isn’t it?

Gerrard made more than 500 appearances for Liverpool during his 18 year spell at the club and scored 119 Premier League goals. He was named in the PFA Team of the Year a record 8 times and is England’s third most capped player with 114 caps (placing him behind Shilton (125) and Beckham (115)). He made a name for himself on the continental scene in 2005 when he sparked Liverpool’s famous comeback in the Champions League final win against AC Milan in Istanbul, becoming the second youngest captain (at 24 years old) to lift the prestigious trophy.

It’s fair to say that he was a real big game player, the Liverpool captain found the net 10 times against Merseyside neighbours Everton and scored nine goals against fierce rivals Manchester United, as well as scoring two crucial goals in the 2006 FA Cup final victory against West Ham. He rarely crumbled under pressure (Well despite the slips, but we won’t go there in this article!).

So, with all that history being made and the legendary status at Anfield being well and truly achieved, take a look at some of these classic Gerrard screamers from over the years …

10. Liverpool vs Arsenal (Premier League, 2007/08).

When you give away a free kick in that position, 9/10 you were giving Gerrard the chance to score and as an Arsenal fan I remember this goal well (for all the wrong reasons). As soon as Fabregas dived in recklessly like that, you knew that Liverpool had a pretty damn good chance of going 1-0 up and they took the opportunity with both hands. To make matters worse, Fabregas jumps out of the way of the wall, which in fairness may have been a life saving decision as just look at the speed Stevie G gets on this particular rocket. Almunia had no chance.


9. Liverpool vs Manchester United (Premier League, 2013).

I like this one. The commentator says: “Difficult to get that ball up and then down again quickly” so what does Gerrard do? he puts it THROUGH the wall! Genius I tell you. United’s defence probably should have done better, but you can’t take away the beauty of this effort.


8. Manchester City vs Liverpool (Premier League, 2013).

In the season where Liverpool were genuine title contenders (shocking right?) and City were their biggest rivals for the trophy, Gerrard took this game by the scruff of the neck. As shots go, firing one into the bottom corner of the net from around 25 yards out is pretty much the coolest thing you can do. Check this accurate strike out!


7. Liverpool vs Olympiacos (Champions League, 2004/05)

The infamous commentary from Andy Gray in this one is pretty embarrassing, but Gerrard’s strike against Olympiacos was a thing of pure power. It was a highly important goal too, as it helped Liverpool to progress through their group and onto their way to that Champions League final.


6. Marseille vs Liverpool (Champions League 2008/09)

This one is pretty special, purely because how on Earth did he do that?!

It seems a pretty impossible task to pull this one out of the bag, but Gerrard makes it look easy as he curls a shot over the keeper and into the opposite side of the goal, following Torres’ little lay off. Well done.


5. Liverpool vs Manchester United (Premier League, 2001).

Around this time, Gerrard was still a youngster trying to break into the first team at Anfield and so in a way that fact makes this goal all the more incredible. He was never ever afraid to shoot and this strike was arguably a defining moment for the midfielder as it was the first of many screamers that he would score throughout his career.


4. Liverpool vs West Ham (FA Cup final, 2006).

With Liverpool losing in the FA Cup final and the PA guy literally just having announced that there would be four minutes added on at the end of the match, Gerrard decided to pull this absolute worldie out of the bag. It took the match to extra time and then to penalties where Liverpool eventually won.


3. Liverpool vs Everton (Premier League, ???)

Another accurate strike full of ferocious power (I feel like I’m beginning to repeat myself here?) Gerrard found the top corner with this arrow of a shot against Liverpool’s bitterest of rivals, Everton back in 2001 when he was a bald headed youth.


2. Liverpool vs Aston Villa (Premier League, ???)

As long distance shots go, it doesn’t get much better than this one, Gerrard takes aim, let’s fly and scores yet another beauty at Anfield. This goal will go down in Premier League history as one of the greatest goals ever in my opinion.


1. Liverpool vs Middlesbrough (Premier League, 2005).

Now I’m a huge fan of Thierry Henry and he’s scored some pretty incredible goals in the Premier League during his time at Arsenal, but I’m actually quite certain that even the king himself would be pretty jealous of this sensational goal from Steven Gerrard.

It has everything, the brilliant control using his foot first, then his chest, then the ability to somehow hit a shot that swerves incredibly into the top corner, completely deceiving the goalkeeper in the process. I remember seeing this goal when I was just 10 years old and I was absolutely lost for words.



I think it’s fair to say he’s done well for himself yes?

It’s sad to think that we will never see another Steven Gerrard wonder strike like the ones above ever again as he has today decided to officially call time on his successful career.The Premier League title may have eluded him, but the Champions League and FA Cup final medals as well as the many beautiful goals he scored along the way will live long in the memory of many Premier League fans I’m sure.

Here’s to you Stevie G, AFEFootballNews salutes you!


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